... a dynamic duo

Cattery Feline Fantasy is in the loving care of Edwin and Monique Beekmans

Edwin, born on January 13th 1964 (on Friday the 13th!) is the handyman of the family. His profession is furniture-maker at an international exhibition-building company. This means that he often is away from home on a business trip for an extended period of time. Therefore his favourite pastime (scuba diving, gardening, reading and movie's) is hard to come by. Fortunately he always does have the time to play with the cats! His solution to this problem is to do the diving and reading on holydays (most enjoyable in the tropical sun), to do the movie watching at home (in the mean time wife and cats can be cuddled too!) and the garden, well let's say we have a natural, non cultivated garden!

Monique, born on November 20th 1966 and a management assistent of profession, is the creative one of the family. This creativity is reflected in favourite pastime: making mosaics and ceramics. Beside this she also enjoys to join her husband in scuba diving, reading of fantasy books and watching movies. The love for art she share's with the cats: she makes the ceramic objects, the cats break these and then she can use the shards to make mosaic objects! Oh well, it's nice to share an interest with your love ones!