Fébé Ami Full of Joy
Nickname : Fébé
Birth date : 07-02-2000
Colour : black tortie mackerel / white

We fondly call her goldilocks because although she is a torty, her fur appears to have a kind of red golden glow. The first thing that I noticed were her beautiful golden eyes filled with wisdom and intelligence and her long and thick squirrel-like tail.  Light-footed as she is, gravity seems to have no effect on Fébé: it's like she was born with a pair of build-in spiral springs! She is the most cuddling kitty that you can imagine.  Unlike the other cat's she likes to actively participate in the cuddling. We are very sorry that she gave us only one litter. These day's she and her friend Jay are ruling our household with a soft, but determent paw!

Parents Grantparents Great grantparents
Kititas Highlander
red bloched / white
Coonyham Wrangler
brown tabby bloched / white
Coonyham’s Sundance
Wynhaven Dakota
Kititas Honeyroast Peanut
brown tortie bloched
Coonyham Durango
Coonmora Calamity Jane
Sheena van de Mafiosocats
brown tortie mackerel / white
Maine’s Magic Tommyknocker
brown tabby bloched / white
Mount Bigelow’s Hurricane
Maine’s Magic Sarah Dewmaina
Savannah van de Mafiosocats
brown tortie mackerel
Baslatan’s Terracotta Belyando
Mistral van de Mafiosocats
Traced to Foundation 98,48 %
Inbreeding 11,2 %
Foundation Top-2 32,5 %
Foundation Top-3 48,6 %
Foundation Top-5 64,6 %
Clones 29,5 %
Tested and found free of:
PL (Patellar Luxatie) / 27-03-2001
FIV (Feline Immunodefiency Virus) / 05-08-2003
FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus) / 05-08-2003
HCM (Hypertrofic Cardiomiopathy) / 13-08-2004
PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) / 13-08-2004
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association location date certificate
Felikat Nieuwegein November 16th 2003 U4
Felikat Haarlem January 18th 2004 U4