Yael fan de Meng Úl Moez
Nickname : Jay
Birth date : 04-03-2000
Colour : brown tortie bloched

Jay is the kind of cat lady with a huge self-esteem: she sits, lay's, walks and talks as if she rules the world! That's why we call her our little princess. She is a feisty little lady with a heart of gold. Despite her dark and moody expression, she is our little angel! But it's the headstrong kind of angel with a clear opinion about everything that she likes to share with us, both verbally and non-verbally. We are very sorry that she gave us only one litter. These day's she and her friend Jay are ruling our household with a soft, but determent paw! Because of her terrible travel sickness Jay has never been to a cat fancy

Parents Grantparents Great grantparents

Acadiapark’s Kincaid
brown tabby bloched

Coonquest Cisco
cream tabby bloched

Coonquest Edmaine Hillery
Coonquest Princess Jasmaine
Coonyham Napa
brown tabby bloched / white
Coonyham’s Sundance
Wyndhaven Dakota
Felinity fan de Meng él Moez
brown tortie bloched
Cozy Farm’s Unpluged
black silver bloched
MtKittery’s Cooper
Coonmora’s Chelsea
The Bentley Pride Lois Lane
brown tortie bloched
Exalibur of Fount Farm’s Heartbreak
Carmen Conchita van Fundalik
Traced to Foundation 100 %
Inbreeding 13,0 %
Foundation Top-2 37,9 %
Foundation Top-3 55,2 %
Foundation Top-5 72,0 %
Clones 37,7 %
Tested and found free of:
PL (Patellar Luxatie) / 27-03-2001
FIV (Feline Immunodefiency Virus) / 05-08-2003
FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus) / 05-08-2003
HCM (Hypertrofic Cardiomiopathy) / 13-08-2004
PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) / 13-08-2004