Oakenshield's May Day
Nickname : May
Birth date : 26-07-2004
Colour : brown tabby bloched

Her nickname is FunnyBunny because she always used to hop around, lifting all four paws at once, just like a little funny bunny. With her soft little voice she keeps giving comments on everything: "peep, I wanna eat"; "peep, I want to be cuddled"; "peep, I'm feeling lonely"; and most of all "peep, shall we play?"

May is a very vocally focused girl; she sings out all day, no wonder that we call her our little opera diva!
But make no mistakes: this diva has the whole star-attitude that goes with the territory: do not cross her! She is self assured, headstrong and a go-getter. A naughty little clown who can always’s make you smile. Fortunately she is also sweet, cuddly and very lovable!

Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents

GIC. Oakenshield's Aerun Sun
Blue classic

EC Racoone's El Figaro
Creme classic
CH Willowplace Tomahawk of Racoone
Nevada Des Griffes Vigoureux
Oakenshield's Misty Mountain
Brown classic
The Dorsai African Blues
CH The Sympathycats Illustrious
American Gothic Maeve Sidhe Wych
Black classic
RW CH AmericanGothic Ethan Hawke
Brown classic
IW-SGC Meunerie Thaddeus C of Donnahugh
Rumford Doreatha Mae
Wasychigan Embeth of AmericanGothic
Solid black
Koontucky Remington of Wasichigan
Mannahatta Whipper of Wasychighan
Traced to Foundation 98,58 %
Inbreeding 11,8 %
Foundation Top-2 39,0 %
Foundation Top-3 53,5 %
Foundation Top-5 68,6 %
Clones 35,3 %
Tested and found free of:
PL (Patellar Luxatie) / 18-10-2004
FIV (Feline Immunodefiency Virus) / 21-12-2006
FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus) / 21-12-2006
HCM (Hypertrofic Cardiomiopathy) / 04-01- 2008
PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) / 25-01- 2006
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association location date certificate
Felikat Nieuwegein November 07 th 2004 U2
Felikat Haarlem Januari 16th 2005 U1 - BIV
Felikat Rosmalen February 27th 2005 U1 - BIV
Mundikat Arnhem March 28th 2005 U1
Felikat Zoetermeer April 24th 2005 U2
Mundikat Beverwijk May 15th 2005 U2
1e.DEKZV Rheinberg June 04th 2005 U2
1e.DEKZV Rheinberg June 05th 2005 U1-CAC