GIC. EdenPark's Breanna Warjun
Nickname : Bree
Birth date : 09-07-2006
Colour : black torty tabby bloched with white

We call her Kolibree (“kolibrie” is the Dutch word for hummingbird); just a look in her direction and her purring is just like the humming of a flying hummingbird! She is so energetic! This little girl does not know the meaning of “taking it easy”! Bree is a very determined little lady. And it is strongly advised to do her bidding or else… I never thought it possible for such a small body to have such a loud lions roar!

Bree is in many way’s a special girl for us. The second part of her name is a tribute to two beautiful coons that past the rainbow bridge much to soon and for which we always will have a special place in our hearts. Our search for Bree started with the thought of a beautiful fiancée for our Reggy. We think with Bree we found exactly where we were looking for: a girl with the right looks, de right lineage, an offspring of many well tested generations and with a super character!

We would like to thank Andrea for entrusting Bree into our care. And of course we have special thanks to Danny, Frances and Jan, who helped us in our search and who made it possible for us to enrich our family with this little treasure!

We are anxious to see what joy Bree will bring us!

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Magic Lake Chocolate Point
black tabby bloched

IC. Shanooks Dengar of Auchetoshan
black tabby bloched
Mainemade JarJar Binks of Shanook
Shanooks Tahiri Vella
Koonikats Charly Derose Bouquet
black torty tabby bloched
Gesicats Journey
Gesicats Nale Bouquet of Koonikats
Brenda Lee of Coon-Castle
black silver torty tabby bloched

Tropikoons Frostfire
red silver tabby bloched with white

GC./RW. Mainesuspect Lacoste of Coonoquan
GC. Coonoquan's Esprit
Ch. Norma Jean of Coon-Castle
black tabby bloched with white
IC. Nascat's Armageddon of Coon Castle
Ch. Superstar's Vanety
traced to Foundation 99,15 %
Inbreeding 9,18 %
Foundation Top-2 31,3 %
Foundation Top-3 46,5 %
Foundation Top-5 62,4 %
Clones 26,5 %
Tested and found free of:
PL (Patellar Luxatie) / planned spring 2008
FIV (Feline Immunodefiency Virus) / 27-09-2006
FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus) / 27-09-2006
HCM (Hypertrofic Cardiomiopathy) / 04-01-2008
PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) / 04-01-2008
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association location date certificate
Felikat Nieuwegein November 19th 2006 U1
Mundikat Groningen December 10th 2006 U1 - BIV - Nom.
Felikat Haarlem January 7th 2007 U2
1e.DEKZV Bremen January 20st 2007 U1
1e.DEKZV Bremen January 21st 2007 U2
Felikat Bemmel March 11th 2007 U
Mundikat Arnhem April 8th 2007 U3
Mundikat Arnhem April 9th 2007 U1
Felikat Alkmaar May 6th 2007 U1 - BIV - Nom.
FFH St. Gallen May 12thi 2007 U2
FFH St. Gallen May 13th 2007 U1 - CAC - BIV - Nom.
1e.DEKZV Alsfeld June 2nd 2007 U1 - CAC
1e.DEKZV Alsfeld June 3rd 2007 U1 - CAC - Nom.
Mundikat Hoogwoud June 10th 2007 U1 - CACIB
OVEK Spittal-Drau July 21st 2007 U1 - CACIB
OVEK Spittal-Drau July 22nd 2007 U1 - CACIB
1e DEKZV Koblenz August 18th 2007 U1 - CAGCIB - BIV
1e DEKZV Koblenz August 19th 2007 U1 - CAGCIB - BIV - Nom.
FFF Paris September 22nd 2007 U1 - CAGCIB - BIV - Nom.
FFF Paris September 23rd 2007 U1 - CAGCIB
Mundikat Gorredijk October 21st 2007 U1 - CAGCIB
Mundikat Groningen December 9th 2007 U1 - CAGCIB