EP. Smirnoff Feline Fantasy
Nickname : Beer (Bear)
Birth date : 06-11-2002
Colour : brown tabby mackerel / white

Also known as SMIRNOFFFNOOOO (when in trouble, which is most of his waking time)

Smirnoff is our first own breeding result and our pride and joy! He is as cuddly as his mom is and as big and impressive as his dad is: our little guy is a neuter of eleven kilo's! He has many eccentricities. Among one is the "dangerous dog game".  In this game he fetches a thrown away stick and when you try to take the stick from him, he holds it tight, no matter how you shake it, all the time sniffing and growling! Then when he lets go, you are supposed to throw the stick away, so the game can start all over again. Despite a troublesome start in life, he has developed into a handsome and very sweet guy, with nice show reports to brag about! Of course when you are this big, you are topcat of the household!
Parents Grantparents Great grantparents
IC. Oakenshield's Pink Floyd
cameo / white
Marquardt’s Cheeky
blue tabby bloched / white
Gugger’s Androkles
Marquardt’s Miss Monroe
CH. Sympathycat’s Illustrious
brown tortie silver bloched / white
Capecoon Simba
Fortunata’s Maska
Fébé Ami Full of Joy
brown tortie mackerel / white
Kititas Highlander
red tabby bloched / white
Coonyham Wrangler
Kititas Honeyroast Peanut
Sheena van de Mafiosocats
brown tortie mackerel / white
Maine’s Magic Tommyknocker
Savannah van de Mafiosocats
Traced to Foundation 99,24 %
Inbreeding 11,20 %
Foundation Top-2 35,20 %
Foundation Top-3 51,70 %
Foundation Top-5 68,10 %
Clones 30,90 %
Tested and found free of:
PL (Patellar Luxatie) / 08-01-2003
FIV (Feline Immunodefiency Virus) / 05-08-2003
FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus) / 05-08-2003
HCM (Hypertrofic Cardiomiopathy) / 13-08-2004
PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease) / 13-08-2004
Show results
association location date certificate
Felikat Nieuwegein November 16th 2003 U1-CAP
Felikat Haarlem Januari 18th 2004 U3
Felikat Breda Februari 15th 2004 U1-CAP
Felikat Houten March 21st 2004 U1-CAP
Mundikat Arnhem April 12th 2004 U1-CAPIB
Felikat Dalfsen May 16th 2004 U1-CAPIB - BIV - Nom. Bis
1e.DEKZV Rheinberg July 3rd 2004 U1-CAPIB
1e.DEKZV Klein-Ostheim September 4th 2004 U1-CAGPIB - BIS
1e.DEKZV Klein-Ostheim September 5th 2004 U1-CAGPIB
LOOF Paris September 25th 2004 U1-CAGPIB - Nom. BIS
LOOF Paris September 26th 2004 U1-CAGPIB - Nom. BIS
Felikat Nieuwegein November 07th 2004 U1-CAGPIB - BIV - Nom. BIS
Felikat Rosmalen February 27th 2005 U1-CAGPIB
Mundikat Arnhem March 28th 2005 U1-CAPE
LuxCatClub Luxembourg April 10th 2005 U1-CAPE
Felikat Zoetermeer April 24th 2005 U1-CAPE - BIV - Nom. BIS
1e.DEKZV Rheinberg June 4th 2005 U1-CAPE
1e.DEKZV Rheinberg June 5 th 2005 U1-CAPE
1e.DEKZV Assler September 10th 2005 U1-CAPE
1e.DEKZV Assler September 11th 2005 U1-CAPE
Felikat Schiedam September 18th 2005 U1-CAPE
CCP Parijs October 1st 2005 U1-CAPE - Nom. BIS
Felikat Nieuwegein November 20st 2005 Prix Honour - 6th Felikat Award 2004/2005
FIFé WorldWinner 2006 Maastricht October 28&29 2006 Prix Honour