Pepijn van de Zonnedauw
Nickname : Tommy
Birth date : 16-04-1998
Colour : silver spotted

Tommy is our little odd guy. Though he certainly is not too small for his breed (British Shorthair), compared to the Coons he is a dwarf in the midst of giants! His character is also much more timid, but he loves his Coon-pals and he can hold his ground very well. At first he can be a bit shy, but once he knows you he will endlessly come to you for a little hug.

Parents Grantparents Great grantparents
Marvellous Masterplayer Golden Aljoscha v.d. Kraepelinburg Golden-Avalon Ahawa
Junior’s Rowena
Marvellous Golden Samba Marvellous Golden Glorieux
Jadwiga’s Silver Dollar Girl
Jadwiga’s Silver Mary Poppins Quandili Q. de Tuatha-De-Danann Patchouli de Tuatha-De-Danann
Oshilla de Tuatha-De-Danann
Silver Venus of Jadwiga’s home Silver Kotek of Jadwiga’s home
Silver Irina of Jadwiga’s home