Singing Class


1) MayDay:

"Good evening ladies and gentlemen!
I would like to sing for you an aria from the famous opera 'Madam FunnyBunny'!"

2) MayDay:

"Oh, stage manager, would you please put Me in the spotlight?!"

3) MayDay:

"Maestro! Start the music!!"

4) MayDay:

"La-ha-ha-lalala LAAAAAA!!!"

5) MayDay:

" Than you! Yes I know, I am absolutly marvellous! "

6) Smirnoff:

"Pfff! Silly show-off ! I can do that better !"

7) Fébé:

" Yeah right! Sure you can! Well, put your money where your mouth is, let's hear something?!!"

8) Smirnoff:

"Eh, ok... Mimimimimi"

9) Smirnoff:


10) Fébé:

" You call that whispering singing?! You have to put your soul in it! Like this : LAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!"

11) Smirnoff:

"Oh yes, laaaaaaaaaaaah!"

12) Smirnoff:

"Hmm, not bad! Let my try a higher note: LAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!"

13) Fébé:

"Oh my poor ears! It sounds horrible!!!"

14) Smirnoff:

" Grrrrr, stupid chicks! The always know better!"