The StormWinds Diaries

On July 3rd 2005 Jay gave birth to her second litter!

Admire our four storm-winds in:

Part 1: A view to a pregnancy!
Part 3: Storm Winds diaries: 1st week Part 4: Storm Winds diaries: 2nd week
Part 5: Storm Winds diaries: 3rd week Part 6: Storm Winds diaries: 4th week
Part 7: Storm Winds diaries: 5th week Part 8: Storm Winds diaries: 6th week
Part 9: Storm Winds diaries: 7th week Part 10: Storm Winds diaries: 8th week
Part 11: Storm Winds diaries: 9th week Part 12: Storm Winds diaries: 10th week


Yael fan de Meng él Moez
EC. Oakenshield’s Aeryn Sun
Parents Grantparents Great grantparents
GIC. Oakenshield’s Aeryn Sun
blue tabby bloched
Racoone's El Figaro
cream tabby bloched
Willowplace Tomahawk of Racoone
Nevada Des Griffes Vigoureux
Oakenshield's Misty Mountain
brown tabby bloched
The Dorsai African Blues
The Sympathycats Illustrious
Yael fan de Meng él Moez
brown tortie bloched
Acadiapark’s Kincaid
brown tabby bloched
Coonquest Cisco
Coonyham Napa
Felinity fan de Meng él Moez
brown tortie bloched
Cozy Farm’s Unpluged
The Bentley Pride Lois
Traced to Foundation 99,37 %
Inbreeding 11 %
Foundation Top-2 35,70 %
Foundation Top-3 51,30 %
Foundation Top-5 67,20 %
Clones 31,8 %